The Reveal is the latest master work from unique, globally renowned, author and researcher, David Icke, who has never seen a cutting edge that he didn’t want to go beyond. 

His backbone of steel is legendary as he fearlessly pursues the truth without regard for consequences or how he is viewed. 

He has been on this road for 35 years and no level of ridicule or abuse has slowed his relentless determination to answer the BIG questions about human life. 

“David Icke sees the patterns behind things and calls them out. 

It’s not a way to make friends, but it IS the righteous path.’


THe Reveal

The Next stage of Human awareness


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The Reveal sees Icke dig deeper than ever before and the book can truly be described as ‘the next stage of human awareness’ across a great swathe of interlocking subjects from who controls the world to the nature of the ‘afterlife’ and everything in between. 

David Icke's record of being proved right decade after decade is unparalleled and what he uncovers here has the potential to transform human perception of self and reality. 

The Reveal is the third book in his ‘Reality Trilogy’ along with The Trap and The Dream which have already moved the cutting edge many times. 

Now, in its dotconnected totality, David Icke’s The Reveal takes us where no one has gone before. 


THe Reveal

The Next stage of Human awareness